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Germ Control Products

Germ Control Products

Germ Control Products for virus, bacteria and infection control

Germ control should always be a high priority in any public area.

Waiting rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and canteens, lifts, sitting areas, communal working areas, shared telephones and keyboards can all be germ-pools.

Proper care and attention is required to ensure the transmission of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria is eliminated or greatly reduced.

We provide a range of products to help in your fight against bacteria and viruses, assisting your infection control procedures, including : Coronavirus (COVID-19), MRSA, C Diff, Salmonella, Listeria, E Coli, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, Influenza, SARS, amongst many others.
Oxizone Air Steriliser

Air Sterilisers 

Air Sterilisers and air purifiers; Portable and wall mounted units - for use in hospital wards, residential areas, nursing homes, offices, classrooms and all communal areas etc.

Proven to kill airborne viruses and bacteria
Proven to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces

Download OXIZONE Brochure
Download OXIZONE Test Report Summary
Download OXIZONE HygCen Test Reports
Oxizone Air Steriliser - Clean Air Zone
Alcol+ Alcohol Hand sanitiser gel

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

Used to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on the hand surfaces. For wiping contaminated surfaces; Hand rails, door handles, telephones, lift + vending buttons.

Alcol+ is our leading brand of alcohol hand sanitiser, effective for use against the current Corona COVID19 Virus.

Wall mounted or free standing dispensers

Download ALCOL+ MSDS
Alcol+ Clear Hand Sanitiser Gel

Alcohol Hand Sanitisers

PureSan is a liquid spray hand sanitiser that can also be used on surfaces.

The spray is in a liquid form and is sprayed through an atomiser to form a fine mist which spreads evenly across the hands and dries quickly.

Sanitiser contains an emollient to moisturise hands
Hand and surface sanitising wipes

Hand + Surface Sanitiser Wipes

Surface sanitiser wipes are especially important for cleaning down electrical and electronic items to avoid damage to the equipment and avoid risk of electric shock present when using liquid cleaners.
VIRUCOL Virucidal Disinfectant Surface Sanitiser

VIRUCOL+ Virucidal Disinfectant Sanitiser

Available as ready-to-use trigger spray (6x 750ml).

Also available in 5L ready-to-use or 5L concentrate for use in back-pack disinfectant sprayer.

Download VIRUCOL+ Tech Specs
VIRUCOL Virucidal Disinfectant Surface Sanitiser
VIRUCOL Virucidal Disinfectant Sprayer

Disinfectant Sanitiser Pressure Sprayer

For disinfecting and sanitising larger areas.
These pressure sprayers deliver a fine mist or a jet depending on the setting for covering large areas with a disinfectant spray.

VIRUCOL Virucidal Disinfectant Sprayer
Surgical Medical Masks 3 ply face mask

Surgical Face Masks - N95 FFP2/3 Face Masks

Surgical face masks help prevent the transmission of germs, bacteria, viruses

Respiratory mask (N95 or higher) help prevent contraction of disease by filtering the air before it reaches your lungs : CE certified EN149

Download Type IIR Tech Specs
Download FFP2 Tech Specs
N95 FFP2 Respiratory Masks CE Certified EN149
Medical Face Shield Clear Visor Face Protection

Medical Face Shields - Clear Visor Face Protection

Medical face shields should have a clear, anti-fog visor and protect the face from splashes of contaminated or dangerous material.

Foam head band and elastic strap for comfort.

Download Face Visor Tech Specs
Medical Face Shield Clear Visor Face Protection
Clear Face Visor Shield - Glasses-mounted

Face Shield - Clear Visor
Mounted on Glasses frame

Clear full-face visor shield mounted on a glasses frame for easy of use.

Visors can be removed and replaced
Disposable Aprons - Protect360 Apron

Protect360™ Disposable Apron

Full wrap-around apron, no ties for full 360o protection.

Water-proof polyethelene apron, welded seams 770mm x 1050mm, 15.5mu

Supplied in box of 5rolls of 250 aprons - fits most dispensers

Download Protect 360 Apron Tech Specs
Disposable Aprons - Protect360 Apron
Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Disposable gloves.

Nitrile Gloves, stronger than Vinyl, latex-free

Available in blue, black, lilac and pink
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL

Not all sizes and colours are going to be available at all times. Product brand and colour may vary depending on availability
Urinal Cover - Isolation Wrap - Social Distancing

Social Distancing Urinals

Isolation Wrap - Urinal Cover - Urinal Wrap

Designed specifically for closing off urinals, but also used widely for WCs, basins, hand dryers, phone kiosks, seating and more.

Supplied in a 100m roll, enough to cover and re-cover at least 100 urinal bowls

Download STOPWRAP Tech Specs
Urinal Cover - Isolation Wrap - Social Distancing
Hygi-Handle Push Pull Antibacterial Door Handles

Hygi-Handle™ Antibacterial Hygienic Door handle

Hygi-Handle uses a high tech nanotechnology anti-bacterial coating to provide a 24/7 protection against viruses, bacteria and mould organisms.
Automatic Dispensers

Automatic Dispensers

For paper towels, soap and hand sanitiser.

Automatic dispensers eliminate the need for hand contact to reduce risk of cross contamination.
Automatic Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
Hand Sanitiser Stand - Free Standing Hand Sanitiser

Free-Standing Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Stand

Alcohol hand sanitisers on a movable stand are essential for areas where it is not always possible to direct people towards a wall mounted or counter-top dispenser
Hand Sanitiser Stand - Free Standing Hand Sanitiser
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