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Oxizone Air Steriliser

Oxizone Air Steriliser, Air Purifier

OXIZONE Air Sterilisers

provide a

Clean Air Zone

Businesses that can demonstrate their commitment to providing a hygienic environment for staff and customers are likely to do better when they emerge from lockdown than those who do not.

The sterilising effect of the sun and UV light on viruses, bacteria and odours is well known.

OXIZONE Air Sterilisers are designed to recreate and enhance this process by increasing the activated oxygen effect and creating plasma which further results in the breaking down the ‘envelope’ on viruses, destroying them rendering them harmless.
OXIZONE Air Steriliser - Clean Air Zone A4 Wall decal supplied
Independently tested
OXIZONE Air Steriliser tested by NHS
OXIZONE Air Steriliser tested by Government Labs
OXIZONE Air Steriliser tested by Leeds University
OXIZONE Air Steriliser tested by ALcontrol Laboratories
OXIZONE Air Steriliser tested by SGS
OXIZONE Air Sterilisers are used in many industries food preparation areas, hospitals, schools, care homes, bars and restaurants.

Although OXIZONE does not solely rely on ozone, the effects of this as are well established and recognised by the Health & Safety executive for uses such as improving air quality in offices, kitchens and cafeterias to cold water and swimming pool disinfecting
(Source : https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/eh38.pdf)

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic, HSE has advised that ventilation systems that circulate air from one room to another are turned off so as not to spread virus between areas.

Some air purifiers rely on the contaminated air passing through them to be cleaned. OXIZONE sterilises the air throughout the room continuously.
Some Air Purifiers rely on contaminated air travelling the length of the room before they can be removed from the air.

OXIZONE is different.

The sterilising Activated Oxygen mix reaches places that bleaches, disinfectant and light cannot reach.

OXIZONE ensures the air and surfaces are continually kept hygienically clean.
Air sterilisers are particularly important in communal office areas where they have a demonstrable effect on reducing transmission of not just Coronavirus but also common cold and seasonal flu.
OXIZONE MK2 Air Steriliser internal process
The germ killing properties are unrivalled with sterilising action inside the unit and continuously outside within the room using activated oxygen and plasma which permeates into every corner of a room.

The process disrupts the lipid-envelope on a virus and breaks down the cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria destroying them.

OXIZONE steriliser technology is proven to kill bacteria and viruses including Coronaviruses, Influenza, E Coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, MRSA and more.
Clean Air Zone - OXIZONE air steriliser in cafe
OXIZONE air sterilisers can be placed on any wall or ceiling and sized to suit the room air volume.

The mains power supply required is less then 13 Watts so can be powered from a lighting circuit via a fused spur.

The output of the tube will be determined by the size of the area to be treated along with any other factors such as air circulating or air removal units etc.

Our trained team will be able to advise on which unit is best suited to your environment.

Self-adhesive 'Clean Air Zone' decals are provided with every unit so you can let customers know you are making every effort to ensure their safety.

The Oxizone Air Steriliser works using combined technologies:

Germicidal Irradiation by dual UV light (Ultraviolet) kills microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and mould) by disrupting their DNA and removing their reproductive capabilities.
PCO – Photocatalytic Oxidation, UV reacts with our Catalyst (Ti02) to form highly reactive but short lived oxidising Hydroxyl Radicals (OH) which break down Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
Interaction of the Dual waveband UV with the TiO2 heterogeneous catalyst both creates and breaks down Oxygen molecules transforming Oxygen into a highly reactive states of Ozone and Superoxide Ions which leave the unit as “Plasma Quatro”.
Air Sterilising to remove bacteria and viruses
The negatively charged Superoxide Ions charge airborne contaminates causing them to cluster together and fall from the air as they become too heavy, aiding all other processes. This can remove airborne particulates down to 0.0001 micron, that’s better than any HEPA filter.
Targeted Ozone produced via the specialist lamp gets the hardest to the hardest to reach areas breaking down contamination in the air and on exposed surfaces. Ozone damages the cell wall of microorganisms stopping reproduction and destroying the cell

OXIZONE controls and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses
in the air and on surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
with no ongoing user maintenance required.
OXIZONE Air Steriliser MK2
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