Baby Changing Tables
Baby Changing Tables
Baby Changing Tables

Parenting Room Facilities

Parenting Room Facilities, Baby Changing Tables & Nappy Disposal
Parenting Room Facilities, baby Changing, mother baby rooms

Baby Changing Tables / Nappy Changing Stations

nappy disposal bin services
Surveys have shown high levels of dangerous bacteria living on baby changing tables.

These anti-bacterial wipes give the user confidence that the table is free from germs by allowing them to wipe down the surface before and after use.
baby changing table wipes
Table liners should be provided to ensure that the user has a clean surface to lay the baby down on and to capture any mess.
baby changing table liners
These should be provided to place soiled nappies and used wipes into before placing in bin to help prevent odours.
nappy disposal bags
It is a common and unfortunate complaint of parents' that facilities are not provided in some establishments for the safe, comfortable and hygienic changing of baby's and toddler's nappies.

Establishments that do not provide these facilities risk being deemed as not providing sufficiently for their clientele.

It is common for parents not to revisit places that do not have adequate facilities for the changing of babies (baby changing tables and toddler seats) and the safe and hygienic disposal of used nappies.

Baby Changing Essentials & Accessories

Nappy Vending Machines
table sanitising sterilising spray

Nappy Disposal Services

Bactericidal Baby Table Wipes

Baby Changing Table Liners

Nappy Disposal Bags

Nappy Vending

Table Sterilising spray for cleaners

Being away from home, sometimes the only option available are the services provided by shopping, leisure centres and communal washrooms.

Our Nappy Vending machine is a great quick solution for Mother & Fathers on the go.
Spray Surface Sanitisers will clean large areas removing surface germs and bacteria.

It should be part of your cleaners scheduled clean to sanitise all areas especially in baby changing rooms, in particular the table, vending machines and dispensers.
Specifically designed nappy disposal bins with modesty shute keeps the contents out of site when the bin is open.

Charged with biocidal agents to kill germs, bacteria and eliminate odours

Further information on Nappy Disposal Bin Services.
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nappy disposal bin services
Baby Changing Tables
Nappy Changing Stations
Special Needs Changing Tables
Changing tables including Rubbermaid Sturdy Station
and Continental.

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