Velair Pebble 5 Year 24 hour warranty
Pebble Plug&Play Hand Dryer
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Industry-beating Warranty

Velair Pebble's warranty is in a field of its own. Its 24 hour replacement warranty sets it
ahead of the competition.
In the unlikely event of you experiencing a problem with your Pebble hand dryer, you can
phone directly to the helpline (01425 689313) and report the fault. The technical team
will respond within 60 minutes.

Your dryer will be despatched that day on a next day service.

You can replace the dryer yourself (no electrical knowledge required)

Your faulty dryer will be collected by courier.

It couldn't be simpler!
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Outstanding design coupled with next generation engineering, it’s
instantly a best in class hand dryer.

The Pebble is the only hand dryer to offer true multi-product Plug & Play
functionality with simple, straightforward, no-nonsense support and warranty.

It has a low environmental impact without compromising on style or efficiency – producing
90% less CO2 compared to other hand dryers.

A high quality, low-cost hand dryer that would be a fitting finish to any stylish washroom, the
Plug & Play offers an easy to use snap in/out system, removing the need for skilled labour. The
unique design is stand out, but the noise level isn’t.

Along with the sleek and modern look, the Pebble Plug & Play also boasts ION PURE anti-
microbial metal ions – preventing the buildup of offensive odour, and bacteria, mould and
viruses growing inside the hand dryer. ‘Clean Air’ filtration offers the user an added layer of

Velair Pebble® "Plug & Play"

£6 per year running cost
12-second drying time
5 year warranty - 24 hour replacement - No Quibble
Run Cost (£)
(per year)
Drying time
Long-life Brushless Motor
Clean HEPA-filtered air
True Plug & Play
Ultra-efficient Hand Dryer
True Plug & Play
Clean, HEPA-filtered air
Brushless Motor
Antimicrobial Cover

ION PURE Technology

The Pebble True Plug & Play comes with antimicrobial ION PURE technology inbuilt into
the dryer.

What is ION PURE?

ION PURE is a soluble glass solution containing antimicrobial metal ions that’s impregnated into the Pebble shell
during the manufacturing process – creating a germ and bacteria resistant finish.

How does it work?

Silver and Copper metal ions have antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria. Glass retains metal as ions and releases
them gradually in the presence of water or moisture. So, the materials are mixed together to create a solution that
can be added to a product at manufacturing stages – giving it an inbuilt layer of protection against bacteria.

The actual science (aka the boring bit)

The Silver and Copper metal ions infused in the glass solution have an antimicrobial effect on bacteria because they
penetrate or affix to their cell membranes. When the metal ions break through the cell’s membrane, they block the
cells respiration and attach to their DNA, preventing growth. By disrupting and compromising the cells structural
integrity, the metal ions cause catastrophic structural failure, which ultimately leads to the elimination of the bacteria.

Pebble® Plug & Play Hand Dryer

Pebble® Plug & Play® Hand Dryer
Velair Pebble 5 Year 24 hour warranty
When the smart HEPA iFilter needs replacing in the Pebble Plug & Play, the hand dryer will tell
you it's time.

The Pebble HEPA iFilter

Pebble - HEPA-filter Indicator
Pebble - HEPA-filter
It's the only machine on the market to let you know you need to change the old filter for a new one - so you can
ensure your dryer is always only ever pumping out clean air!
Pebble - HEPA-filter
The HEPA-13 filter in the Pebble Plug & Play removes at least 99.95% of dust, pollen, mould, bacteria, and any
airborne particles.
The LED on the front of the Pebble
will flash to let you know when it’s
time to change the HEPA Filter
Each filter is fitted with a microchip which is read by a sensor in the hand dryer.

Pebble Hand Dryer Tech Specs

Dimensions W271 x H323 x D145 mm
Weight 2.6kg
Packed Dimensions W320 x H375 x D200 mm
Packed Weight 3.2kg
Material High Impact ABS, IonPure Antimicrobial silver-ion coating
Impact Resistance IK 08 (Protected against 5 Joules - equivalent of 1.7kg dropped from 300mm)
Electricity Supply 220-240V, 50Hz (also available as 110-120V)
Electrical Protection Class II, IPX3
Power Consumption 300-700W
Standby Power Consumption <0.5W
Motor Type Carbon-free Digital Brushless DC Motor
Motor Speed 30,000rpm (Quiet mode 21,000rpm)
Air Speed 214mph (Quiet mode 145mph)
Air Volume 84m3/h (Quiet mode 57m3/h)
Minimum Motor LIfe Expectancy >5000 hours
Drying Time <12 seconds
Noise Level 72dB (Quiet mode 67dB)
Energy per Dry 2.33Wh
Certification UKCA, UL, TUV/GS Approved, CE marked in accordance with EEC documents
Warranty 5 Years, 24 hour replacement, no quibble

Pebble® Plug & Play

Pebble Hand Dryer - Satin Silver
Pebble Hand Dryer - White
Pebble Hand Dryer - Black Limited Edition
Satin Silver
Limited Edition Black
Pebble Hand Dryer - Satin Silver
Pebble Hand Dryer - White - Bottom View
Pebble Hand Dryer - Black - Bottom View
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