BioDrier launch their new BioBot Childrens hand dryer

BioDrier launch their BioBot hand dryer for children. Their first hand dryer designed for children. It is attractively designed with high speed
an low noise to encourage children to wash their hands

Mitsubishi announces the newest release of its Jet Towel Hand Dryer

On the 24th of January 2012 Mitsubishi will be unveiling its new Jet Towel Hand Dryer. The Generation 8 Jet Towel will boast improved power
consumption without compromising on the drying time. The heated version will have 2 power options for the energy concious and will be
available in 3 different finishes. We understand the shape will be slightly modified from the previous version offering a more sleek design
and compact shape. You will need to watch this shape, details to be release in full soon, we will unveil it here for you as soon as the in depth
spec on the next generation Mitsubisi Jet Towel has been released...

Dyson Airblade reduces bacterial growth

Researchers at Bradford University carried out a study to compare efficacy of hand drying in two areas: (A) the bacterial transfer after
drying and the (B) impact on numbers of bacteria when rubbing hands.

In the first study (A), the volunteers handled meat and washed their hands in the conventional manner. After drying their hands, their
fingers were tested for bacterial transfer. After a drying time of 10 seconds, the use of the Airblade resulted in a significant drop in bacterial
transfer as compared to warm dryers. This is due to the difference in residual moisture left on the hands after using each machine. At times
of 30 seconds the Airblade was still better, but the differences were less significant.

In the (B) study where hand rubbing was evaluated, drying was performed with and without hand rubbing. When the hands were still there
was little difference between dryers. However, when rubbing hands while using warm air dryers actually inhibited the overall reduction of
bacteria on the skin.

In this study, two main conclusions were reached: 1) The Airblade was clearly superior in reducing bacterial transfer and 2) rubbing hands
while using warm air dryers can counteract the reduction in bacterial numbers accrued during handwashing.

Dyson Airblade receives industry first  carbon reduction label

CHICAGO, March 24 /PRNewswire/ --
As an industry first, Dyson's patented Airblade™ hand dryer is the first hand dryer to earn the Carbon Reduction Label from the Carbon
Trust.  Furthermore, Dyson research found that the manufacture of the new polycarbonate-ABS Dyson Airblade™ produces 50% less CO2
emissions than the aluminum equivalent launched in 2007.

The Carbon Reduction Label recognizes manufacturers' commitment to the further reduction of their product's carbon footprint - the amount
of carbon emissions (CO2 and other greenhouse gases) produced from its materials and manufacture, transport, in-use and end of life. The
Label, established in 2007 is based on PAS2050, the first internationally-accepted product carbon footprint standard. The Carbon Trust only
grants their Label to companies with a 'reduce it or lose it' clause whereby if they fail to reduce the carbon footprint of the product in two
years the Carbon Trust will withdraw the certification.

The rigorous process revealed that the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer emits 1,300 kg/ CO2e total emissions during its lifetime or 3.4 g/CO2e
per dry(1) - equal to the carbon emissions created by watching just over 2 minutes of television(2).


The carbon footprint study of the machine revealed the following:

Materials and manufacture:

    * Represents 7.3% of the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer's total carbon emissions.  The smallest component measured was a PCB resistor
weighing just 0.09g. The machine, made from polycarbonate-ABS (PC-ABS), a strong and flexible plastic used to make riot shields and
police helmets, produces over 50% less CO2 emissions during production than the aluminum equivalent.  


    * Transport, from the production of the machine's materials to public restrooms, to recycling facilities, makes up less than 1% of the total
carbon footprint of the machine.  The close proximity of Dyson suppliers to testing, development and assembly operations in Malaysia helps
minimize transport emissions.
    * Dyson also avoids energy exhaustive air-freighting by shipping its products around the world by sea using fuel-efficient vessels, rail
and canal.

Energy in-use:

    * The biggest impact on the Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer's carbon footprint is not through manufacture or transport, but its energy in use
representing 92.1% of total carbon emissions.
    * The Dyson digital motor spins at 81,000rpm - five times faster than a Formula 1 car engine.  Unlike conventional brushed motors, it
doesn't emit harmful carbon particles into the air.


    * The machine's end of life phase represents less than 1% of the machine's total carbon footprint. 
    * Dyson ensures that it engineers machines and technologies that are reliable and durable thereby reducing the number of machines that
need to be recycled or discarded.  Almost all the machine's component parts are recyclable. 
    * The Dyson Airblade™ hand dryer is guaranteed by a 5-year warranty.

(1) Calculations based on 200 uses per day over 5 years

(2) Assuming a 32” widescreen LCD TV using 0.14kw

(3) Based upon the Dyson Energy Consumption test method for dry time to 0.1g

link : Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer


Mitsubishi Jet Towel, new silver/charcoal hand dryer

Mitsubishi launch the new silver/charcoal hand dryers to compliment its Jet Towel range. Also available in heated and unheated (the most
environmentally friendly new generation hand dryer available

link: Mitsubishi Jet Towel


Warner Howard launch new black and brushed chrome Airforce hand dryers

The Airforce range has been enhanced with the introduction of both black and brushed chrome versions, to complement the existing white
and polished chrome units.  The black Airforce, like its white counterpart, features SteriTouch® antibacterial surface protection all over the
dryer, while on the brushed chrome unit the outlet area is protected with SteriTouch.

Mark Hinton, General Manager of Warner Howard, commented:  "The Airforce has been a great success for us, and has enabled end users
to make substantial savings on their running costs.  This most recent product development means that the Airforce is suitable for all
environments, will complement all washroom decor, and ensures that savings are available for all."

link : Warner Howard Airforce


o3 solutions completes order of Washroom Hygiene Monitors for New Zealand cleaning company

o3 solutions has completed an order for New Zealand washroom services and cleaning company City Cleaning in Auckland, NZ. The
bespoke designed units are to complement their current offering. the units will be available for rent to their new and existing clients.


Dyson announces 350 new engineering jobs in Britain

Dyson plans to increase the number of engineers and scientists from 350 to 700. The jobs will all be based at the company's headquarters
in Malmesbury, where about 1,300 staff are currently employed, and will be in addition to the 2,500-strong workforce in 49 countries
worldwide. Dyson has been criticised in the past after shifting manufacturing from the UK to the far east.
Dyson's Airblade hand-dryer, launched three years ago, was initially compared with a noisy trouser press. Now it is common in office,
school and NHS toilets.
Dyson's newest product is the Air Multiplier desk fan, launched in October last year, designed to provide a greener alternative to office air
conditioning and to reduce energy use in the home. The company claims it is selling well, although it is "early days" in the UK, its founder
admitted. However, in Australia - where the hi-tech product was launched at the start of the country's summer - it already has 60% of the


Dyson launches new white Airblade

The ever popular Dyson Airblade formerly only available in grey versions of its ABS polycarbonate (AB03) and die-cast aluminium (AB01) is
now available in white polycarbonate (AB03) - more info


Report Says Dyson Hand Dryer Can Help Corporations Cut Carbon Footprint

There is certainly a big push these days for companies to go environmentally friendly in a variety of ways. The challenge is the investment
does not usually translate to price savings or extra earnings for businesses. This means many simply can’t find the money for to implement
environmentally-friendly technologies.

One big exception to this rule is when you are looking at public restroom paper towel use. Simply installing a Dyson Airblade hand dryer can
save on electricity over conventional hand dryers and will dry the hands of twenty two people all for the precise price of one single paper
towel.                                              Source:

Data from Madson, 2007 report [Life Cycle Assessment of Tissue Products, Prepared for Kimberly Clark. Environmental Resources

A workplace with 50 employees, 3 drys per person per day, 150 drys per day, 260 days a year,

- 12.48 gCO2e per dry for virgin paper towels.

Additional data: Transport and emissions factors for Airblade™ used for Netherlands, 10 second dry time based on NSF protocol, calculations
include standby, Airblade manufacture use AB03 primary manufacturer data and 5 year Airblade™ guarantee period, CO2 emmissions per
dry : 3.22gCO2e per dry.

Paper weight of 27g/m2, 89.8m2 per employee per year. 121.2kg of paper per year.

Additional data: Dyson Airblade™ AB03 boxed weight is 13kg, 5 year Airblade™ guarantee period

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