Our offices are positively buzzing at the moment as we look forward to the
Coventry Telegraph Business Awards  this Friday because we have been
shortlisted for the Green Business Award.

This award recognises the successful delivery of environmental products and services,
and the judging criteria will depend on a number of aspects including sustained financial
growth, new product development, investment in services, and green policies employed by the business.
It is designed to reward not just growth but innovation, investment and job creation.

We have been nominated for this award because from a standing start, we have grown into a successful
business providing washroom and hygiene services for our customers whilst totally committed to
our corporate social responsibility (CSR). We work hard to reduce our own carbon footprint and
that of our customers.

In order to achieve this we are continually striving to improve all of our products and services, by having a focus on our CSR in operational
processes and procedures, and through our staff training and development.

So what makes us so green?

Urinal Water Managers  these helped save over 231 million litres of water for our customers in 2012

Pureco Sleeves and Sanitiser Units  Each unit saves 1.8 litres compared to standard products and services, AND they are biodegradable.

High-speed Electric Hand Dryers  Each unit saves circa 173 Kw/hr compared to standard hand dryers.

Cardboard recycling  We recycle 2,200 litres of cardboard per week.

Pure Flush Service  This can reduce WC water consumption by over 80%!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high quality Environmentally friendly customer service to over 900 customers large and
small, and we continue innovating to bring you the most up-to-date services in the washroom industry.

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