Sanitary Waste Disposal

Each cubicle in your premises that is likely to be used by females should contain a receptacle for sanitary dressings. This container should have a modesty shute so the contents are not visible when the lid is opened. The container should only be moved and emptied by a registered waste carrier.
Sanitary Bins, Sanitary Waste Disposal

Air Freshening & Purifying

Air fresheners should be positioned away from extract fans and opened windows, as should air sterilisers and purifiers. IWSA members offer the latest in air purification technologies in the form of 'Air Steril' - complete odour removal with HPA tested credentials in removing airborne and surface bacteria.

Hand Drying

Hand Drying facilities can be in the form of hand towels, roller towels or hand dryers.
Hand Dryers although they have larger initial outlay, they are more economical to run over time.

Urinal Sanitising

Urinal sanitisers can be either in the form of water-dosers or 'urinal sleeve' systems such as Ureco, Pureco or Urifresh. The deliver an enzyme directly into the urinal outflow cleansing pipework, reducing build-up of uric salts and acids whilst creating an odour-lock to prevent smells coming back in.

Baby Changing & Nappy Waste Disposal

Nappies are not classified as controlled waste but legally have to be separated from ‘standard waste’ which can prove a frustrating and complicated chore - IWSA members promise to simplify waste disposal with simple contracts and transparent prices...

Dust Control Entrance Mats

At least 70% of dust and dirt is walked or wheeled in to your building. An entrance mat greatly reduces this.
Regularly replacement and laundry service at a frequency that suits you.
Oxizone AirSteril
XLerator Hand Dryer, XL Dryer, Excel, XLerator
Urinal Sanitisers
Nappy Vending
Dust Mats, Entrance Mats
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