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Urinal Sanitisers, Urinal Sleeves and Water Managers

Urinal Sleeves such as (Ureco, Pureco, Urifresh, enviro and eco sleeves) all work by creating an odour lock in the urinal waste outlet preventing mal-odours from escaping back out of the urinal waste trap. They use a natural enzyme to break down bacteria and uric acids and salts in the pipework ensuring the pipes stay free from build-up preventing blockages.

> Eliminates bad smells with patented odour lock 

> Reduces risks of urinals blocking and overflowing

> Regular exchange of Ureco urinal sleeve improves urinal hygiene

> Uses environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes

> Enzyme product works naturally to break down uric salts and limescale in the urinal

> Requires less water us than standard urinal to allow time for enzymes and bacteria to work

> Reduces water cost and improves urinal hygiene

> Replaces the use of harmful chemicals & urinal blocks

> Full fitting service including replacement urinal trap and survey of urinal primary plumbing

> Fitted to most new and existing urinals and urinal troughs

> Reduces urinal maintenance costs

> Emergency call out service included in service

> Operates 24 hours per day 7 days per week

Urinal Water Manager / Toilet Water Economiser

This system reduces the amount of water flushed down the urinals. These are used in conjunction with a urinal sanitiser or urinal sleeve. The reduced water flow saves money and is kinder to the environment. The active agent in the urinal sleeves needs less water to be effective.

> Reduces water use

> Potential water saving of up to 90% compared to unmanaged urinals flushing continuously

> Fixed water use and cost

> Fitted to cold water feed for urinal cistern

> Urinal will flush at regular fixed intervals every day

> Fully installed and serviced

Urinal Sanitisers

Urinal Sanitisers use a cistern dosing method of drip feeding a sanitising agent into the urinal cistern so on every flush the urinals are washed, sanitised and deodourised.

> Fits to urinal cistern

> Automatically delivers a regular dose of enzyme based hygiene preparation into the water in the urinal cistern

> Enzyme product works naturally to break down uric salts and limescale in the urinal

> Improves urinal hygiene and keeps urinal trap hygienically treated 

> Works 24 hours a day 7 days a week

> Complete service covering installation and regular servicing

Waterless Urinals

Any conventional can be converted to run completely waterless. Unlike old waterless systems the UriFreshECO uses patented technology to create a non-return odour-locking valve removing the need for the old bottle trap to store water/urine to create a lock.

> Converts 98% of urinals

> Enzyme and Microbes released into the pipework to eliminate uric salt build up

> No water means no limescale

> No water means no blockages or leaks 

> Absolutely no odours, guaranteed

> Complete service covering installation and regular servicing
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