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Last week I was invited to an association meeting - not of local authority cleaning service providers but of washroom services
providers - and it soon became clear that the two associations have a lot in common.

The Independent Washroom Services Association was set up three years ago to enable local independent service providers to
work together to deliver services nationally and to facilitate a regular communication forum for the independent sector to improve
the quality of services delivered to customers.

Like the ABCD, the IWSA provides advice and support for its 25 members (and growing!) in such areas as health & safety,
human resources etc, and the opportunity to meet with others in the same field, that they may not otherwise come into contact
with, to discuss matters of common interest, share experiences and to exchange feedback on challenges and opportunities in the
market, as well as statutory, health & safety and waste issues.

The meeting to which I was invited also included a tour of Kennedy Hygiene's manufacturing facility and a look at the company's
new products, a talk from Knowaste - an expert in recycling washroom waste products - plus a presentation from Airsteril's Brian
Dewsbury whose product eliminates odours and bacteria in the air and on surfaces and which deals with MRSA.

People knock the cleaning industry but these associations provide a perfect example of how well we can work together to share
our expertise, win business and provide a better service to our customers!

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