About the IWSA ..
IWSA members work together ..
All IWSA members work together to provide services all over UK & Ireland.
They comply to our code of conduct ensuring they will always;

• Be polite and courteous

• Service every item of equipment completely and punctually

• Leave all equipment clean, fully recharged and fully operational

• Routinely and without a request replace worn out or damaged equipment

• Always obtain clients signature to confirm service completed or provide electronic or other agreed verification

• Provide complete and accurate information confirming service visits

• Respond to emergency service requests from customers by contacting a responsible person within clients organisation and agreeing appropriate action within 24 hours

• Remove all waste relating to installation or servicing from clients washroom and leave it clean and tidy

• Be discrete and diplomatic when in alternative sex washrooms

• Ensure that all colleagues are fully trained in all aspects of their role

• Comply 100% with all legal and Health & Safety requirements

• Include, or make transparent on quoting, any additional charges for documentation such as waste transfer/duty of care
The IWSA is the non-profit making trade association of the independent providers of washroom services
within the UK and Ireland.

Its principles and objectives are:

• Create a recognised voice on behalf of the independently owned sector of the industry

• Enable local independent service providers to work together to deliver services nationally

• Provide an authoritative voice on all matters that impact on washroom services in the UK and Ireland from the independent operators perspective

• Establish a common set of service standards that are recognised and upheld nationally within the independent washroom services sector

• Promote initiatives that improve the environmental impact of services

• Facilitate a regular communication forum for the independent sector to improve the quality of services delivered to customers

• Provide advice and support for the independent washroom services supplier, e.g. health and safety, human resources, funding, etc.

• To share best practice and useful ‘trade and competitor’ knowledge/activity
amongst its members so that they may optimise their performance.
Duty of Care ..
When it comes to waste disposal it is essential that the producer of the waste manages manages to correct collection, transport and disposal of what is classified as 'controlled Waste'. This includes the segragation of waste streams in proper containers, transport by registered waste carriers and disposal at registered sites certified to deal with that type of waste.

The obligation is on the waste producer to ensure that the company that deals with their waste is properly certified.

Documentation should be kept to provide a paper trail for audit bythe Environment Agency should it ever be required.

All IWSA members are registered waste carriers and documentation is provided free of charge to comply with the legislation.
Peace of mind ..
All IWSA members carry out CRB (or Access NI in Northern Ireland) checks on all staff to ensure they are safe to work in sensitive areas
Peace of mind ..
Each member of the IWSA abides by strict codes of conduct that ensure that each member is an accredited organisation that is not only able to deliver the services that the customer requires but also that they are able to perform to a high standard to compete individually and confidently with the multi-national corporations.

Each member is continually vetted to ensure the standards are being met relating to their sales practices, installation of equipment, servicing, accounting and customer liaison and 100% compliance with Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.
Peace of mind ..
All IWSA members carry out CRB (or Access NI in Northern Ireland) checks on all staff to ensure they are safe to work in sensitive areas
On time, every time ..
All IWSA members guarantee to be there when they say they will be there.

As is so often the reported case with some of the multi-national providers, services get missed.
IWSA members have a closer link to their business and to all their services and will carry out services on time, every time.
SMDSA: IWSA Membership 2016-2017
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