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· Sanitary hygiene services

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South West Hygiene
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South West Hygiene
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Customer Testimonials

We have had the services of South West Hygiene since the early days of our restoration. They have been a constant source of not just a
trustworthy, reliable team, but also a regular supplier of information with regard to the legal side of our necessary requirement.
Our regular operatives from South West Hygiene have kept us clean and safe for the past 9 years. Without their regular, reliable service we
would not be able to guarantee our visitors’ safety in our facilities."
Bill, Head Caretaker

"We have employed the services of South West Hygiene for several years now and have always found them efficient and professional and a
cost we believe is very competitive.
I have had no cause for complaint in all the time that we used them and the ladies that service our site are always most court"
Jenny Growden, Office Manager

We have found South West Hygiene services to be of the highest calibre."
Alison Waghorn

We have been delighted with the service received from South West Hygiene, an extremely efficient and reliable company, who we would be
pleased recommend.
Sarah Toms, Events Manager
Sanitary Bin Services
Sanitary Bin Services
South West Hygiene provide sanitary bins and sanitary waste disposal solutions across the Southwest
for all types of businesses and organisations: we supply sanitary bins to dispose of used tampons and a
reliable liner exchange service at an interval suitable for each location. On each visit the sanitary
disposal units are sanitised, the liner removed and replaced then charged with a germicidal chemical
that has an antibacterial action killing germs, thus neutralising bad odours at source. Retaining the same
sanitary bins prevent any possibility of cross contamination between sites.
Nappy Bin Services
Nappy Bin Services
South West Hygiene provide nappy bins and nappy waste disposal services to schools, children’s
nurseries, children's play centres, public houses and restaurants. Our nappy waste disposal services are
tailored to suit your requirements whether you require weekly, fortnightly, monthly or seasonal nappy
waste collections. We supply both internal nappy bins and external wheelie bins which can be varied in
size to suit the location and amount of waste being produced, larger sites can have a 50 litre internal
nappy bin which is then emptied into larger external wheelie bins, the sizes available are 240Ltr, 360Ltr,
770Ltr and 1100Ltr which are all fully lockable and yellow in colour for high visibility and waste
separation. When our service personnel have emptied your nappy units they will clean them with a
hygienic cleansers and place sanitizing chemicals in the empty nappy bin bags leaving then hygienic
until the next service. We provide you with yellow sacks free of charge to hold the waste; these are
known as Tiger bags and are used to dispose of clinical and nappy waste that is not infectious.

Hand Dryer Services
Our large range of commercial hand dryers are very popular with businesses and schools offering
practical and cost effective hand drying solutions; electric hand dryers can cut costs by as much as 70%,
when compared to paper towels. Due to the reduction in waste in comparison with paper towels, warm
air hand dryers can claim to be better for the environment.
We have standard automatic hand dryers and push button hand dryers available in white or chrome. We
also supply the Veltia and Dyson Airblade Bio drier energy efficient hand dryers along with the ecoair
hand dryer which if the most energy efficient hand dryer in the world.

Hand Dryer Services
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The Velocity Hand Dryer range is now available - high speed energy saving and robust
South West Hygiene provide washroom and hygiene services in the postcode areas of BA Bath, BH Bournemouth, BS Bristol, CF Cardiff, DT Dorchester, EX Exeter, NP Newport, PL Plymouth, PO Portsmouth, SO Southampton, SP Salisbury, TA Taunton, TQ Torquay, and TR Truro
South West Hygiene is a family owned and owes its success to a great customer care experience and high retention rates.

We offer the full range of washroom services and products, including sanitary bins, nappy bins, clinical waste bins, air freshener dispensers, soap dispensers, urinal sanitisers, air purifiers, sanitary vending machines, hand dryers, condom vending machines.

    We continue to use the latest product innovations in the washroom service industry and over the past few years we have been expanding all departments and our geographical area of services, we now provide washroom services to all of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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