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Services and products

Feminine Hygiene Units (Sanitary Bins)
Nappy Disposal Units
Air Fresheners
Air Purification
Soap Dispensers (Manual & Automatic)
Toilet Roll Holders
Paper Towel Dispensers
Nappy Bag Dispensers
Toilet Seat Sanitizers
Hand Dryers
Vending Machines
Water Management Systems
Services and products

Urinal Sleeves
Virtual Janitors (Auto Dosing)
Medical Waste Disposal
Sharps Disposal Service
Cabinet Roller Towels
Hand Sanitizers
Entrance Mats / Logo Mats
Baby Changing Tables
Laundry Services
Water Coolers
Fly Lights
Janitorial & Consumables

Active Washrooms was established in 2009, after noticing a
niche in the market and having a vision to change
washroom services.  We supply a complete washroom
service ranging from Feminine Hygiene Units (Sanitary
Bins), Nappy Disposal Bins, Air Fresheners, Vending
Machines, Sharps Disposal, Bulk Clinical Waste Collection,
Hand Dryers and Dust Control Mats. In addition to this
Active Washrooms also supply a complete Laundry Service.

As an independent company we are extremely customer
focused and often go out of our way to make our
customers feel extra special, we employ both male and
female operatives who are always polite, courteous,
discrete and like ourselves passionate about what we do
ensuring you receive the highest possible levels of service
at all times.

Active Washrooms Ltd
03 Defiant Road,
Old Catton
Customer Testimonials

We have been using the services of Active Washrooms for approximately three years now, they are extremely professional and service on time.
We would not hesitate in recommending them"

Palmers Department Stores - John Harris

"We changed service providers six months ago, and have to say we are very pleased with the services received from Active Washrooms"

Williams & Griffin - Stefan Rodgers

"After being with one of the big three nationals for a number of years, its was nice to be approached by a smaller company that offers that
personal touch. Keep up the good work"

Mambo Jambo Restaurants - Julie Clarke

"Fantastic service, We are always serviced on time. The staff are always polite and courteous and nothing is too much trouble.  Would highly
recommend to anyone!"

Roomes Furniture Stores - Julie Jewiss
Feminine Hygiene Unit (Sanitary Bins)
Air Fresheners
Air Fresheners

Urinal Sleeve

Urinal Sleeve


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Its common in the male washroom that floors are susceptible to staining, Active Washrooms have launched a new urinal mat
service that will keep your floors clean.
Our urinal mats are treated with an anti-microbial compound that helps prevent foul odours and keeps floors slip resistant while attacking
bacterial growth.

The urinal Mat is serviced on a monthly basis by our trained service personnel, The mat also has a small countdown indicator fixed in to
the mat informing you when its due for service next.

Active Washrooms provide washroom and hygiene services in the postcode areas of CB Cambridge, CM Chelmsford, CO Colchester, IP Ipswich, NR Norwich, PE Peterborough, RM Romford, SS Southend on Sea
0845 4752358
01603 402122

Fax 0844 376 0073
Feminine Hygiene Unit (Sanitary Bins)
Water Management Systems
Water Management Systems

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