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All bathrooms suffer from mal-odours. Air Freshening systems have been around for a long time and should be sited in all public bathrooms to ensure the comfortable use for all patrons.

Aerosol air fresheners provide a good coverage by spraying a metred does of fragrance to mask bad odours. All IWSA members provide high quality fragrance dispensers and fragrances for every situation. Only tested and approved aerosols may be used and all cans are disposed of in line with current legislation.

Natural Oil Air fresheners use a wick system to draw natural essential oils from a container which is then dispersed by a fan. This means no aerosols or sprays and natural fragrances.

Air Sterilisers use the latest technology to acutally remove odours rather than just masking them. All members use only approved sterilisers and only recommend a system after surveying a site to recommend a suitable system for the application.

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